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Love Never Fails

OT: Sa-rang-ie Ie-gin-da

Min Byung-hun // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2015



No pain, no gain. This is the motto of the Yoo family: the father is a successful doctor, the mother supervises their daughter’s scholastic performance from the vantage point of their beautiful home. Then cracks appear in the facade which soon deepen and spread. In particular, the father seems to be losing control – he is suddenly faced with a sexual harassment lawsuit and an absurd running battle with a taxi driver. Little by little, the family loses their grip on reality, a process impressively documented by Min Byung-hun both visually and narratively. He paints a portrait of a maniacally performance-oriented world in Korea, from which in the end escape remains the only option – in one form or another.




Sa-rang-ie Ie-gin-da

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2015

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


100 min

OV with English subtitles

Min Byung-hun

Min Byung-hun

Jang Hyun-sung, Choi Jungwon, Oh Yujin

Kim Dongkyung, Min Byung-hun

Min Byung-hun, Lee Sang-hun, Kim Bum-keun

Ahn Gwang-sub

Jeong Young-jin

Ji Yong-ho

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