Rosen, Dornen und Träume • FILMFEST HAMBURG

Roses, Thorns and Dreams

OT: Rosen, Dornen und Träume

Tatjana Yankina, Ralf Brings // Germany, 2003
Documentary Feature // FF2003



The “House of Stage Veterans” in St. Petersburg is home to ninety-five retired actors, stage directors, dancers and opera singers. They continue to work and rehearse, putting on shows and concerts in the old people’s home. Hamburg documentary makers Tatjana Yankina and Ralf Brings take an affectionate look into the old people’s faces, listen to their stories of longing, fear and happiness, and discover that old age is a period in which there is still room for passion, joie-de-vivre and abandon.



Rosen, Dornen und Träume

Documentary Feature


Moin, Moin!//FF2003



75 min


Tatjana Yankina, Ralf Brings

Tatjana Yankina, Ralf Brings

Tobias Büchner

Ralf Brings

Margot Neubert-Maric

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