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Roland Klick – The Heart is a Hungry Hunter

OT: Roland Klick – The Heart is a Hungry Hunter

Sandra Prechtel // Germany, 2013
Documentary Feature // FF2013



Roland Klick is a legend of German film-making, responsible for the neo-Western Deadlock with Mario Adorf, the tribute to punk White Star with Dennis Hopper and a true classic Hamburg film Supermarkt. But not even four German Film Prizes could shield him from the critics and his colleagues of the New German Wave, for whom he was simply too commercial. He got together with Bernd Eichinger: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo was supposed to change everything. But the collaboration ended in disaster. Sandra Pfechtel accompanied Klick for three years, meeting compadres such as Hark Bohm, Otto Sander and Eva Mattes. Her film is the first homage to a director who has successfully striven to avoid being pigeonholed. Screening on 03.10. in attendance of: Sandra Prechtel (Director), Roland Klick


Sandra Prechtel (*1969) worked for many years as a freelance journalist. In 2004, she made her first documentary ND – Neues Deutschland.



Roland Klick – The Heart is a Hungry Hunter

Documentary Feature

English, German




80 min


Sandra Prechtel

Sandra Prechtel

Roland Klick, Eva Mattes, Otto Sander, Hark Bohm, David Hess, Jost Vacano

Frieder Schlaich

Susanne Schüle, Lukas Schmid

André Nier

Lukas Langenegger, Balz Bachmann

Udo Bremer, Daniel Schössler (ZDF/3sat)

Filmgalerie 451

Filmgalerie 451

Filmgalerie 451

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