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OT: Resten af livet

Frelle Petersen // Denmark, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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A film like a warm embrace: a family drama that addresses existentialist topics with a care rarely found in Danish cinema. Line and her brothers live in South Jutland. This rural region has everything they could wish for: intact relationships, steady jobs and a family they can count on. Their parents Maren and Egon also live the hygge life in the South of Denmark – with all the red and white tradition that implies. But when a sudden death strikes the close-knit family, these solid foundations start to give. Only very gradually do the three siblings find their way back to the new, old life.



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FRELLE PETERSEN (*1980 in Denmark) began his career in the Danish film industry as an assistant director. His award-winning second film Uncle gave him his international breakthrough in 2019.



Resten af livet

Fiction Feature





106 min

OV with German subtitles

Frelle Petersen

Frelle Petersen

Jette Søndergaard, Mette Munk Plum, Ole Sørensen, Lasse Lorenzen

Jonas Bagger

Jørgen Johansson DFF

Frank Mølgaard Knudsen

Frelle Petersen

Flemming Berg

Gitte Malling, Julie Hennecke Hartmann

Rebecca Richmond

Djamilla Hansen

Danish Film Institute; TrustNordisk

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