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OT: Resgate

Mickey Fonseca // Mozambique, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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When Maputo becomes the Bronx: a fast-paced thriller from Mozambique is reminiscent of US American examples of the genre. After four years in the toughest jail in the Mozambique capital Maputo, Bruno wants nothing more to do with his former life. With the help of his friends, he gets a job at a scrapyard and does seem to manage to make a new start. Then suddenly a mysterious unpaid debt of his dead mother’s turns up. To get the money together, Bruno comes into contact with his former gang and gets caught up in a spiral of violence and dependence – until he comes up with a plan that means staking everything on its success.


MICKEY FONSECA is a director and co-founder of the production company Mahla Filmes in Maputo. His short Dina (2010) won numerous prizes in Africa and Europe. Redemption is his debut feature and was financed by crowd-funding.




Fiction Feature





100 min

OV with English subtitles

Mickey Fonseca

Mickey Fonseca

Gil Esmael, Arlete Bombe, Laquino Fonseca, Rachide Abdul, Tomas Bie, Candido Quembo

Pipas Forjaz, Mickey Fonseca

Pipas Forjaz

Pipas Forjaz

Milton Gulli, Nandele Maguni

Nurodine Daúde

Mahla Filmes

Mahla Filmes

Mickey Fonseca: mickey@mahlafilmes.com; Pipas Forjaz: pipas@mahlafilmes.com

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