Rechercher Victor Pellerin • FILMFEST HAMBURG

Missing Victor Pellerin

OT: Rechercher Victor Pellerin

Sophie Deraspe // Canada, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2012



In 1990, Victor Pellerin, a young painter and darling of the art scene, burns his work and disappears without a trace. Fifteen years later, the documentary filmmaker Sophie Deraspe revisits the events that led to his disappearance, meeting the people who were intimate with Victor, and who had succumbed to his troubled personality. Alternating between documentary and cinema vérité, Rechercher Victor Pellerin takes a close look at this charismatic character, exploring the contradictory points of view of those who knew him.


SOPHIE DERASPE (*1973) has already been to FILMFEST HAMBURG twice: with "Missing Victor Pellerin" (2006), and "Les Loups" (2014). "Antigone" was awarded Best Canadian Film at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival and in 2020 was Canada’s official entry for the foreign language Oscar.


Rechercher Victor Pellerin

Fiction Feature

French, English, Spanish

Québec Deluxe//FF2012



102 min


Sophie Deraspe

Sophie Deraspe

Eudore Belzile, Élisabeth Legrand, Anne Lebeau, Sheila Ribeiro, Éric Devlin

Florisabel Fernandez

Sophie Deraspe

Sophie Deraspe

Julien Roy

Antonin Sorel

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