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The Missing

OT: Que Shi

Han Tao // People's Republic of China, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



After the death of his wife, a Christian film-maker loses his faith and enters the Chinese art scene in the search for concepts of “missing” and “lacking”. Embedded in this fictional narrative framework, Han Tao collects interviews with numerous contemporary Chinese intellectuals: from human rights activist Hu Jia and the poets Yu Xinqiao and Dao Zi to a whistleblower and a body poetry artist. In this fashion, he assembles a kaleidoscope of dissidents who give an impression of the intellectual climate – and of what’s missing. This film is part of the special series “Chinese Independent Cinema”.


Han Tao (*1979) born in Laiwu, in Shandong province. Lives and works as an artist, director, publisher and curator in Beijing. He also teaches at Qufu University. His works have been exhibited in many Asian countries, Europe and South America. The Missing is his third full-length film.


Que Shi

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2015

People's Republic of China


86 min

OV with English subtitles

Han Tao

Han Tao

Xianmin Zhang, MeiLin, Bingjia Yang, Yinuo Xu, Ning Li

Xianmin Zhang

Jingyong Sun, Hongke Xin, Tang Li

Hengqi GUO

Xiaohan Han

Xianmin Zhang

Pingmin Movie

Beijing Yongsheng Taihe Film & Television Media Co., Ltd

Yuanchao Ma

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