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May Allah Bless France

OT: Qu'Allah bénisse la France!

Abd Al Malik // France, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Régis is growing up on a council estate in a suburb of Strasburg and leads a double life: a good pupil at school during the day, at night he deals drugs. At the weekend he plays live with his band, the New African Poets. The teenager dreams of success with honest work, but can’t get away from the deal money which he needs for his musical ambitions. When Régis loses some friends to violence and drugs, he draws a radical line under his previous life. He converts to Islam, calls himself Abd Al Malik – and finds his own artistic identity in rap and slam poetry. May Allah Bless France! is a powerful monochome biopic based on the autobiography of the director Abd Al Malik from the year 2004.


ABD AL MALIK (*1975) is one of the most striking personalities on the French music scene and author of several books. May Allah Bless France! is his debut as film director.



Qu'Allah bénisse la France!

Fiction Feature


58 , 6//FF2015



96 min

OV with English subtitles

Abd Al Malik

Abd Al Malik

Marc Zinga, Sabrina Ouazani, Larouci Didi, Mickael Nagenraft, Matteo Falkone, Stéphane Fayette-Mikano

Francois Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne, Fabien Coste

Pierre Aim

Kako Kelber

Abd Al Malik, Bilal, Laurent Garnier, Wallen

Mathieu Menut

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