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Love Poem

OT: Qingshi 

Wang Xiaozhen // Hong Kong, 2020
Hybrid // FF2020
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HYBRID A drama about a messed-up marriage – or a meta-film about filmic truth and the staging of a private life? Father, mother, baby. A car. Unspoken accusations and old resentments. Wang Xiaozhen portrays a road trip to the edge of a marital abyss. That the father is a film-maker who records every stage of the disastrous excursion is not destined to deescalate the situation. Later, the couple take on roles: he the unfaithful husband, she the lover. The audience begins to wonder: are we watching an oppressive chamber play or are we accomplices in some exhibitionistic documentary?


WANG XIAOZHEN (*1989 in Linyi, China) studied film and TV. His debut film Around That Winter opened the 2013 Beijing Independent Film Festival. Love Poem is his second full-length film.





Asia Express//FF2020

Hong Kong


114 min

OV with English subtitles

Wang Xiaozhen

Wang Xiaozhen

Zhou Qing, Wang Xiaozhen, Wang Xiaoshuo, Wang Fuguo, Liu Yujun, Zhou Shiquan, Wang Xiaozhen

Zhou Qing, Wang Xuebo, Li Yang

Wang Dixuan

Wang Songke

Wang Xiaozhen, Li Xue, Hu Jiting, Chen Yuxi

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