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Promised Land

OT: Promised Land

Eugene Jarecki // USA, Germany, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2017
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DOCUMENTARY Across the USA in Elvis’ Rolls Royce. Contemporaries of the King climb aboard, fans, celebrities like Ethan Hawke, Ashton Kutcher and Alec Baldwin. They talk about Elvis and about their country 40 years after his death, where a millionaire reality TV star is aiming to win an election using unprecedented levels of vulgarity. Parallels of decline arise: on the one hand, the country boy who fell victim to fame, money and drugs – and on the other a once aspiring nation, now being hollowed out by decadence and coarseness. A musical road movie and a cultural portrait of the American dream at a critical point in US history.


With his documentaries The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2002), Why We Fight (2006) and The House I Live In (2012) EUGENE JARECKI (*1969) won numerous prizes. Promised Land was shown in the official programme at Cannes.



Promised Land

Documentary Feature



USA, Germany


117 min


Eugene Jarecki

Eugene Jarecki, Christopher St. John

Peter Guralnick, Chuck D, M. Ward, Greil Marcus, Ethan Hawke

Christopher St. John, David Kuhn, Eugene Jarecki

Etienne Sauret, Tom Bergmann

Simon Barker, Élia Gasull Balada, Alex Bingham, Laura Israel

Robert Miller, Antony Genn, Martin Slattery


Ghost in the Machine Production

Barbara Biemann, NDR: b.biemann@ndr.de

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