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Poppy Field

OT: Poppy Field

Eugen Jebeleanu // Romania, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2021



The threat of being outed causes an explosion of violence: a Romanian drama about the dilemma faced by a gay policeman in a homophobic society. Cristi, a policeman from Bucharest, keeps his sexuality secret because he fears discrimination in his macho environment. During a visit from his boyfriend who lives in another city, Cristi is deployed to a cinema: a group of right-wing demonstrators are trying to prevent a queer film being shown. When one of the activists recognizes Cristi and threatens to expose him, the young policeman loses it completely.


EUGEN SERGIU JEBELEANU (*1988 in Timișoara, Romania) studied at the UNATC theatre and film school in Bucharest and works both as a director and an actor. Poppy Field is his debut feature.


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Poppy Field

Fiction Feature

English, French, Romanian




81 min

OV with German subtitles

Eugen Jebeleanu

Ioana Moraru

Conrad Mericoffer, Alexandru Potocean, Radouan Leflahi, Cendana Trifan, Ionuţ Nicolae, Alex Călin, Rolando Matsangos, George Piștereanu

Velvet Moraru

Marius Panduru

Alex Dragomir

Cătălin Cristuțiu

Velica Panduru


Patra Spanou Film

Icon Production

Motion Picture Management; Cutare Film / Rodrigo Ruiz Tarazona Diaz, Cornelia Popa, Cosmin Fericean

Juliane Pielot, missingFILMs: festivals@missingfilms.de


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