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Poppie Nongena

OT: Poppie Nongena

Christiaan Olwagen // South Africa, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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In the film version of the novel by author Elsa Joubert, a mother gets caught up in the machinery of the apartheid system. South Africa 1976. Poppie Nongena works as a housekeeper for a well-off family in Cape Town and only goes home at the weekends. When her husband loses his job, a law designed to exclude the black population takes effect: Poppie is now suddenly an illegal inhabitant in her own country and threatened with forced resettlement in the North of the country. At the same time, students and schoolchildren are rising up against the regime – and Poppie starts to fear not only for her own life, but her son’s as well.


CHRISTIAAN OLWAGEN (*1987) is one of the most prolific directors in South Africa. At home both on film and stage, Poppie Nongena is his fourth full-length film.



Poppie Nongena

Fiction Feature

Afrikaans, Xhosa


South Africa


95 min

OV with English subtitles

Christiaan Olwagen

Christiaan Olwagen, Saartjie Botha, basierend auf Elsa Joubert’s Roman

Clementine Mosimane, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Chris Gxalaba, Nomsa Nene, Rolanda Marais

Helena Spring

Vicci Turpin

Sound and Motion Studios

Eva Du Preez

Traditional Xhosa music

Surisa Surisa, Birrie Le Roux

Sylvia van Heerden

Media Move

Helena Spring Films

Justyna Koronkiewicz, Media Move: justyna.koronkiewicz@mediamove.pl

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