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Bad Roads

OT: Pohani Dorogy

Natalya Vorozhbit // Ukraine, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020



Four short stories from the streets of Donbass. An introduction to a world in which chaos rules and humanity has capitulated. East Ukraine, the present day. No-one knows any more who is fighting whom or why. Society has been eroded by the constant violence, both open and covert, by shortages and the lack of a future. A country of mercenaries and opportunists, where nothing remains beyond selfishness and perfidy. A group of girls talk about what they would do for a Gucci bag. A woman accidentally runs over a chicken and is faced with ever greater, more outrageous demands for compensation. Bad Roads shows what happens when people lose their moral compass.


NATALYA VOROZHBIT (*1975 in Kiev) has written numerous screenplays and plays for the stage. Bad Roads was also originally written for the theatre and performed in London and at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. The adaptation for the screen is the author’s directorial debut.



Pohani Dorogy

Fiction Feature

Russian, Ukrainian




105 min

OV with English subtitles

Natalya Vorozhbit

Natalya Vorozhbit

Igor Koltovskyy, Andrey Lelyukh, Vladimir Gurin, Anna Zhurakovskaya, Ekaterina Zhdanovich, Anastasia Parshina, Yuliya Matrosova, Maryna Klimova, Yuri Kulinich, Zoya Baranovskaya, Oksana Voronina, Sergei Solovyov

Yuriy Minzyanov, Dmitriy Minzyanov

Volodymyr Ivanov

Oleksandr Shatkivskyi

Alexander Chornyi

Marina Pshenichnikova

Andrii Yaremii


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