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Plötzlich Türke

OT: Plötzlich Türke

Isabel Braak // Germany, 2016
TV Series // FF2016



The young, successful musician Jim (Oliver Konietzny) is summoned to the record office in his home town of Hanover to be told some stunning news: he is in fact Turkish, which means his German papers are invalid. Jim thinks there must be some mistake and begins an ever more absurd odyssey through the German bureaucracy. Finally, he decides to get himself Turkish papers from the consulate and then become German again. To do that, however, he has to find his Turkish father Mustafa (Vedat Erincin). But he abandoned Jim’s mother Ingrid (Nina Petri) when his son was just a baby.


Isabel Braak (*1988 in Leer/Ostfriesland). Studied at the Filmhochschule Ludwigsburg, graduated with Unter Brüdern (2012). Her first hit film was the comedy Couchmovie (2013).


Plötzlich Türke

TV Series





85 min


Isabel Braak

Burkhardt Wunderlich, Juliane Engelmann & Samia Susann Trabolsi

Oliver Konietzny, Nikola Kastner, Nina Petri, Vedat Erincin, Maike Bollow, Joachim Kappl

Marco Del Bianco, Ulrich Stiehm

Moritz Reinecke

Geraldine Sulima

German Wahnsinn, Mary Jane Killed The Cat

Guido Amin Fahim

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR)

Jumping Horse Film für NDR

Marco Del Bianco, Ulrich Stiehm, Jumping Horse Film: mdl@jumpinghorsefilm.de, us@jumpinghorsefilm.de

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