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OT: Piedra Noche

Iván Fund // Argentina, Chile, Spain, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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The grief and the sea: a subtle fantasy drama in which a couple in a small Argentinian coastal town try and come to terms with the loss of their son. It is barely a year ago that Greta’s son disappeared at sea in mysterious circumstances. Together with her husband Bruno, she tries to deal with this stroke of fate. But the grief runs deep and they decide to sell their summer house. A friend, Sina, comes to give her friends some support. As they are packing up, Bruno suddenly thinks he sees a strange creature from the sea whose existence has hitherto only been a rumour around town.


IVAN FUND (*1984 in San Cristóbal) began his career as a cameraman in Buenos Aires, before switching to direction. He makes both documentary and feature films which have been shown at numerous festivals.


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Piedra Noche

Fiction Feature



Argentina, Chile, Spain


87 min

OV with English subtitles

Iván Fund

Santiago Loza, Iván Fund, Martín Felipe Castagnet

Maricel Álvarez, Mara Bestelli, Alfredo Castro, Marcelo Subiotto, Jeremías Kuharo

Laura Mara Tablón, Iván Fund

Gustavo Schiaffino

Leandro de Loredo

Lorena Moriconi, Iván Fund

Francisco Cerda

Adrián Suárez

Betania Cappato

Elle Driver

Rita Cine; Insomnia Films

Globo Rojo Films; Nephilim Producciones

Elle Driver: sales@elledriver.eu


Family & RelationshipScience Fiction & FantasyDeath & Loss

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