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Small Body

OT: Piccolo Corpo

Laura Samani // France, Italy, Slovenia, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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In an archaic Christian world, a mother fights for the soul of her child. An impressive, poetic debut about a woman’s self-determination. Friuli around 1900. Agata’s baby is stillborn. Despite all the young mother’s pleas, the priest refuses to allow the unbaptized baby to be buried in the village cemetery. Agata rebels against the tradition. Hiding her dead infant in a box, she sets out on a journey to a place in the mountains, where stillborn children are supposed to be brought back to life for the duration of a single breath. On the way, she meets Lynx, who offers to help her. An adventure begins, at whose end stands the hope of a miracle.



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After philosophy and literature, LAURA SAMANI (*1989) went on to study film direction at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.


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Piccolo Corpo

Fiction Feature



France, Italy, Slovenia


89 min

OV with German subtitles

Laura Samani

Marco Borromei, Elisa Dondi, Laura Samani

Celeste Cescutti, Ondina Quadri

Nadia Trevisan, Alberto Fasulo

Mitja Ličen

Riccardo Spagnol

Chiara Dainese

Fredrika Stahl

Rachele Meliadò

Loredana Buscemi

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Nefertiti Film

Vertigo; Tomsa Films (Thomas Lambert, Danijel Hočevar)

Rai Cinema

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