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Phileine Says Sorry

OT: Phileine zegt sorry

Robert Jan Westdijk // Netherlands, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Phileine is self-confident, bitchy and jealous. And saying sorry is simply not her thing. Secretly pursuing her actor boy-friend Max to New York, she finds him, as Romeo, having sex on stage with Juliet, and disrupts the performance – much to the delight of the media. Phileine becomes an overnight celebrity, but Max doesn’t want to know… Robert Jan Westdijk’s pacy and visually powerful romantic comedy has won several awards.



Phileine zegt sorry

Fiction Feature

Dutch, English




90 min


Robert Jan Westdijk

Robert Jan Westdijk

Kim van Kooten, Michiel Huisman, Tara Elders, Liesbeth Kamerling

Frans van Gerstel, Jeroen Beker

Bert Pot

Peter Alderliesten

Dimitri Merkouov

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