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The Dead Queen

OT: Pedro & Inês

António Ferreira // Portugal, France, Brazil, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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A romantic drama in three acts: the skilfully told story of a couple that go on a fascinating journey through three different epochs and settings. A psychiatric clinic in Portugal. Pedro, a patient, tells three stories. The first is about Dom Pedro in the 14th century. He is a pretender to the Portuguese throne and falls in love with Inês, his maidservant, who is later murdered. When he becomes king, he has her grave dug up and crowns her as his posthumous queen. Flash forward to the present: Pedro and Inês share an office as architects – and become lovers in a Dystopian future in which people are fleeing the cities for the countryside.


ANTÓNIO FERREIRA (*1970) studied direction in Lisbon and Berlin and has won several awards for his films, including Breathing Under Water (2000), Forget Everything I‘ve Told You (2002) and Embargo (2010).



Pedro & Inês

Fiction Feature



Portugal, France, Brazil


120 min

OV with English subtitles

António Ferreira

António Ferreira, based on a novel by Rosa Lobato Faria

Diogo Amaral, Joana de Verona, Vera Kolodzig, Cristóvão Campos, Custódia Gallego, João Lagarto, Miguel Borges

Tathiani Sacilotto, António Ferreira

Paulo Castilho

António Ferreira

Luís Pedro Madeira

Luísa Bebiano

Persona Non Grata Pictures; MPM Film; Refinaria Filmes; Diálogos Atómicos

António Ferreira, Persona Non Grata Pictures: festivals@pngpictures.com

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