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Party Girl

OT: Party Girl

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis // France, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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Angélique works in a bar in a dingy nightclub on the Geman-French border. The former party girl still likes the wild life and men. But 60 years of life in the fast lane have left their mark on her face and soul. Her clientele have aged with her and are becoming ever rarer. When one of her regulars declares his love for her and even asks her to marry him, Angélique has the unexpected chance to turn her life around. But is the party girl ready for true love and a bourgeois life? With its intimate, hand-held camerawork, the film gets very close to its characters. Angélique is the mother of Samuel Theis, one of the film’s directors, playing herself and her own life story.




Party Girl

Fiction Feature





95 min

OV with German subtitles

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis

Angélique Litzenburger, Joseph Bour, Mario Theis, Samuel Theis, Séverine Litzenburger

Marie Marsmonteil, Denis Carot

Julien Poupard

Frédéric Baillehaiche

Nicolas Weil, Sylvain Ohrel, Alexandre Lier

Nicolas Migot

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