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Crossing the Dust

OT: Parinawa la ghobar

Shwakat Amin Korki // Iraq, France, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2007
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Saddam Hussein is overthrown and unrest rules the day. Two Kurdish soldiers stumble upon a five-year-old, utterly alone. While Asad feels sorry for him, Rashid refuses to help, especially as the boy is called Saddam. Eventually they overcome their prejudice and set out to look for his parents. When their vehicle is stolen they continue on foot, through a country scarred by hate and prejudice.



Parinawa la ghobar

Fiction Feature

Kurdish, Arabic, English

Agenda 07//FF2007

Iraq, France


74 min


Shwakat Amin Korki

Shwakat Amin Korki

Adil Abdolrahman, Hossein Hasan, Aba Rash

Shwakat Amin Korki, Hasan Ali

Toraj Aslani

Ebrahim Saidi

Mohamad-Reza Darvishi

Fakner Sherwani

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