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Bread and People

OT: Pão e Gente

Renan Rovida // Brazil, 2020
Hybrid // FF2020
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ESSAY The daily bread of the oppressed: the film puts an artistic, combative finger in the wound of capitalism. Brazil is marked by social inequality, for many the money earned at work is only just enough to survive on. The divide between rich and poor is growing at a frightening pace. Director Renan Rovida illustrates the social injustices of his home country and focusses on the ruins of the capitalist promise. He contrasts his observations with quotations from Brecht, Adorno, Benjamin and Mário de Andrade and shows up the structures of an unjust system.


RENAN ROVIDA (*1983) is a director, actor and author. A member of the creative collective »Tela Suja Filmes«, he was a successful actor before attracting attention in 2017 with Sem Raiz, his debut feature as director.



Pão e Gente






60 min

OV with English subtitles

Renan Rovida

Renan Rovida

Natasha Karasek, Rafaela Carneiro, Rani Guerra, Renê Costanny, Talita Araujo, Cristiane Lima, Lucas Guerra, Rogerio Guarapiran, Thiago Calixto, Carlota Joaquina, Iarlei Rangel, Renan Rovida

Maria Tereza Urias

Giovanna Pezzo

Letícia Kamiguchi, João Vitor Muçouçah

Renan Rovida

Bruno Menegatti

Maria Tereza Urias

Cássio Brasil, Ruth Melchior

Coletivo Tela Suja Filmes; Desalambrar Filmes

Renan Rovida: renanrovida@gmail.com

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