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OT: Paartherapeut Klaus Kranitz

Jan Georg Schütte // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



The TV adaptation of the ARD radio play series Paartherapeut Klaus Kranitz – Bei Trennung Geld zurück. Very different men and women come to the eccentric couples therapist Klaus Kranitz (Jan Georg Schütte) for help. His principle: three sessions cost €1500, then the relationship is officially fixed. His promise: if you break up, you get your money back. Using unconventional methods and strange assistants, above all the philosophical hitman Manni (Bjarne Mädel), Kranitz sends his clients on a rollercoaster ride of relationship madness and treats them with a mixture of kitchen sink philosophy und unusual tips. A feast of laconic humour and jet-black comedy.


JAN GEORG SCHÜTTE (*1962) has been appearing in films since 1995 and directing since 2006, including Altersglühen (2014) and Klassentreffen (2019).


Paartherapeut Klaus Kranitz

Fiction Feature





90 min


Jan Georg Schütte

Jan Georg Schütte, Wolfgang Seesko, Sebastian Schultz

Jan Georg Schütte, Lisa Hagmeister, Charly Hübner, Bjarne Mädel, Anna Schudt, Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger, Oliver Sauer

Lars Jessen, Sebastian Schultz, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf

Kristian Leschner, u.a.

Volker Zeigermann

Nikolai Hartmann, Benjamin Ikes, Sebastian Thümler

Peter M. Glantz, Ricardo Cortez, Sebastian „Gomez“ Albert

Pouya Mirzaei

Susann Günther

Marion Haack

Carolin Haasis (Degeto Film), Christoph Pellander, Diana Schulte-Kellinghaus

Florida Film GmbH im Auftrag der ARD Degeto GmbH

im Auftrag der ARD Degeto GmbH

Louisa Luckert, Florida Film GmbH: l.luckert@floridafilm.de


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