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OT: Onna Rihatsushi No Koi

Masahiro Kobayashi // Japan, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



A young man travelling through a town in Northern Japan falls in love with a hairdresser. She is, however, married – to a notorious gambler. In an act of desperation, the stranger kidnaps her to rescue her from her husband. Scared at coming too close to the man, she returns to her husband. The characters in Kobayashi’s drama are unable to escape their destiny: the young man lives for his love, the husband lives to lose, the hairdresser lives to find out what she is living for. Long shots reminiscent of paintings reflect the protagonists’ solitude in this quiet love story full of longing and with an unexpected happy ending.


Masahiro Kobayashi (*1954)worked as folksinger and scriptwriter beforehe made his first film as director and producerin 1996. His films are regulars at FilmfestHamburg.


Onna Rihatsushi No Koi

Fiction Feature


Offizielles Programm//FF2003



103 min


Masahiro Kobayashi

Masahiro Kobayashi

Kazuki Kitamura, Keiko Oginome, Jiro Sato, Yutaka Nakazawa

Masahiro Kobayashi, Naoki Kaneko

Kenji Takama

Tomoko Hiruta

Junpei Sakuma

Yuko Iizuka


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