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On Her Shoulders

OT: On Her Shoulders

Alexandria Bombach // USA, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2018



DOCUMENTARY The portrait of a genocide survivor who became the symbol of a whole ethnic group. Nadia Murad is 23, an Iraki Yazidi and a survivor of the genocide perpetrated by the so-called Islamic State on her people. She was able to escape captivity and is today one of the most important voices to report on the fate suffered by the Yazidis. Alexandria Bombach accompanies Murad on her campaign for attention and justice. Bombach doesn’t solely concentrate on her protagonist’s appalling experiences, but also makes clear what a burden her testimony is and how exhausting the struggle for visibility.


ALEXANDRIA BOMBACH comes from Santa Fe and works as a nomadic documentary film-maker. On Her Shoulders is her second feature-length film and won Best Documentary at Sundance.



On Her Shoulders

Documentary Feature

Arabic, English, Kurdish




94 min

OV with English subtitles

Alexandria Bombach

Hayley Pappas, Brock Williams

Alexandria Bombach, Karee Maxson, Sam Kretchmar

Alexandria Bombach, Michael Bucuzzo

Patrick Jonsson


RYOT Films

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