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Oh Yeah, She Performs!

OT: Oh Yeah, She Performs!

Mirjam Unger // Austria, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013
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Documentary What is everyday life like for female musicians who aren’t in the charts or surrounded by a crowd of producers, marketing pros and stylists? The film accompanies four Austrian artists – Gustav, Clara Luzia, Teresa Rotschopf and Luise Pop – at gigs, backstage, in improvised rehearsal rooms, as they sort their CDs and merchandising, on the train. Three of those portrayed can now make a living from music, while at the same time their paths take them miles from the clichés of fame and glamour. But they are at least their own paths. A film about four women who don’t make compromises. Screening on 02.10. in attendance of: Mirjam Unger (Director)


Mirjam Unger (*1970) studierte Regie an der Filmakademie Wien. Für ihren ersten Dokumentarfilm Vienna’s Lost Daughters(FILMFEST HAMBURG 007) wurde sie bei der Diagonale in Graz mit demPublikumspreis ausgezeichnet. 2013 zeigte FILMFEST HAMBURG hr Musikerinnen-Porträt Oh Yeah, She Performs!.



Oh Yeah, She Performs!

Documentary Feature


Agenda 13//FF2013



101 min

OV with English subtitles

Mirjam Unger

Mirjam Unger, Veronika Weidinger

Gustav, Clara Luzia, Teresa Rotschopf, Luise Pop

Nina Kusturica, Eva Testor

Eva Testor

Karina Ressler

Veronika Hlawatsch


Mobilefilm Produktion

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