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The Miracle According to Salome

OT: O Milagre Segundo Salome

Mario Barroso // Portugal, France, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Mario Barroso’s romantic melodrama is set in 1917. In the village of Fatima, the Virgin Mary appears to three shepherd children, calling for world peace. Salomé is a young prostitute who still dreams of creating a better world and finding the right man, though her past keeps catching up with her. Unwitting, she is to play a role in the miracle which is affecting the whole country. An opulent film that broke all box-office records in Portugal.



O Milagre Segundo Salome

Fiction Feature



Portugal, France


96 min


Mario Barroso

Carlos Saboga

Ana Bandeira, Nicolau Breyner, Ricardo Pereira, Paulo Pires

Paulo Branco

Mario Barroso

Mario Barroso

Bernardo Sassetti

Isabel Branco

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