Nussknacker und Mausekönig • FILMFEST HAMBURG

The Nutcracker and the Mouseking

OT: Nussknacker und Mausekönig

Michael Johnson, Tatjana Ilyina // Germany, 2004
Animation // FF2004



Once upon a time, there was a little, spoiled prince, who lived with his humble servants and his uncle Drosselmeier – a real magician – in a legendary castle. The naughty prince had everything one could wish for or purchase but no compassionate heart. When the magician puts him through a test, the inattentive boy turns into a harmless and mute nutcracker and his servants end up as toy figures. The mean King Mouse has just been waiting for such an opportunity: Together with his dumb companions Bubble and Squeak he takes over the deserted kingdom. The only flaw in this scenario is that he has to get the magic nut into his possession so that the little prince cannot escape this spell. But this can only be obtained, if the prince is able to comprehend the meaning of love and true friendship. Based on motives from E.T.A. Hoffmann’s writing and with references to Peter I. Tschaikowskij’s ballet ‘Nutcracker,’ this animated features is an enchanting bow towards the genre of the fairy tale.



Nussknacker und Mausekönig






82 min


Michael Johnson, Tatjana Ilyina

Andy Hurst, Ross Helford

Wolfgang Völz, Hannes Jaenicke, Rufus Beck, Florence Joy

Sven Ebeling

Martin A. Kuhnert

Peter Wolf


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