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Nona. If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them

OT: Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo

Camila José Donoso // Chile, Brazil, France, Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2019
Documentary Feature // FF2019
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HYBRID Grandmother, friend, anarchist and arsonist – a director portrays the life of her grandmother with cinematic chutzpah and explores the radical edges of her own existence. After a campaign of revenge against her ex-lover, 66-year old Nona escapes to her summer house in Pichilemu, a Chilean coastal town. While she dedicates herself to the deceleration of making pottery, a series of forest fires drives her neighbours from their houses. Is there a pyromaniac on the loose? Fear stalks the otherwise quiet and shady streets, the police are in the dark and wild speculation fuels the rumour-mill. And the more houses go up in smoke, the angrier Nona gets.


CAMILA JOSÉ DONOSO (*1988) studied film and is a director and screenplay writer. In 2016, she founded Transfrontera, a school for experimental film in Arica, Chile.



Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo

Documentary Feature



Chile, Brazil, France, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


86 min

OV with English subtitles

Camila José Donoso

Camila José Donoso

Josefina Ramírez, Eduardo Moscovis, Gigi Reyes, Paula Dinamarca

Rocío Romero

Matías Illanes

Karen Akerman, Camila José Donoso

Nicolás Oyarce

Mimbre Producciones

Mimbre Producciones

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