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No Data Plan

OT: No Data Plan

Miko Revereza // USA, 2019
Hybrid // FF2019



ESSAY A train journey from Los Angeles to New York – seen through the eyes of an immigrant without documentation. By Amtrak across the USA: what sounds to us like a wonderful holiday is for the passenger and director of this unusual film an exercise in invisibility. The Philippino Miko Revereza lives as an immigrant without residency status. He communicates with his mother from the train. In their SMS correspondence, a picture forms of an illegalised family history – which threatens to take a dramatic new turn when immigration officials board the train. Movement is the central theme of this intelligent essay, not powerful, purposeful movement, but the precarious movement of an undocumented subject.


MIKO REVEREZA (*1988) moved with his parents from the Philippines to the USA and lived as an illegal immigrant. After a few shorts, No Data Plan is his debut full-length film. Today, Revereza lives in Manila.



No Data Plan


English, Tagalog




70 min

OV with English subtitles

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza

Rafael Luna, Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza: miko.revereza@gmail.com

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