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Holidays by the Sea

OT: Ni à vendre, ni à louer

Pascal Rabaté // France, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2011



Weekend! In France this means that everybody travels to the seaside. And so we see all kinds of characters embarking on their trip: two hitchhiking punks, an elderly couple in a Goggomobil, a family with two teenage daughters in a caravan. Each protagonist has his own story and they are all connected like the images in a comic strip. Without much dialogue the film is an hommage to the beloved Jacques Tati.


In the early 1900s, PASCAL RABATÉ (*1961) was a successful comic writer. His graphic novel "Ibicus", based on a novel by Alexei Tolstoy, brought him international attention. In 2010 he made his first feature film "Wandering Streams". His second, "Holiday by the Sea", was shown in 2011 at FILMFEST HAMBURG



Ni à vendre, ni à louer

Fiction Feature

no dialogue




77 min


Pascal Rabaté

Pascal Rabaté (nach seiner Vorlage Vacances, vacances)

Jacques Gamblin, Maria De Medeiros, François Damiens, François Morel, Dominique Pinon

Xavier Delmas

Benoît Chamaillard

Jean- François Elie

Alan Pewzner

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