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My Own Private War

OT: My Own Private War

Lidija Zelović // Netherlands, 2016
Documentary Feature // FF2016



Documentary Serbian Lidija Zelović grew up in Sarajevo and fled from the Balkan civil war with her family in the early 1990s to the Netherlands. Later, she reported as a TV journalist from her home country – and is now going back again. What awaits her 20 years on is a war that is still going on in the minds of the people. With mounting frustration, Zelović is confronted with old hatred and new nationalist aggression – and discovers that her family’s role as victims wasn’t 100% accurate: her cousin was a sniper during the war, responsible for insidious ambushes and killings. What the director had planned as an attempt at reconciliation with the past turns into a mission through a minefield.


Lidija Zelović (*1970) studied film science in Amsterdam und has been a Dutch citizen since 1998. Once Upon a Time (1998) was nominated as Best Dutch Short and My Friends (2007) as Best Dutch Documentary.



My Own Private War

Documentary Feature

Croatian, Dutch, English




57 min

OV with English subtitles

Lidija Zelović

Lidija Zelovic and Rogier Kappers

Margie Monfils

Alexander Goekjian, Marinus Groothof, Lidija Zelovic and Tatjana Bozic

Alexander Goekjian

Taskovski Films


Nevena Milašinović, Taskovski Films Ltd.: submissions@taskovskifilms.com

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