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House of My Fathers

OT: Mouna Kaandam

Suba Sivakumaran // Sri Lanka, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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Dealing with trauma in the primeval forests of Sri Lanka: a political parable about war and remembrance with superb, lyrical cinematography. The civil war on Sri Lanka left terrible marks on two villages: not only is there a “death strip” between the two, but there has also been no child born on either side of the barbed wire for some time. Both villages receive messages from their gods about how to deal with the situation: they should send one of their inhabitants into the Forest of the Dead – but only one will return. The Singhalese man Asoka and the Tamil woman Ahalya are chosen to heal their villages – and their ordeal will confront them with the scars the war left on their souls.



Mouna Kaandam

Fiction Feature

Sinhala, Tamil


Sri Lanka


95 min

OV with English subtitles

Suba Sivakumaran

Suba Sivakumaran

Bimal Jayakodi, Pradeepa, Steve De La Zilwa, Dharshen Dharmaraj, Dasun Pathirana

Suba Sivakumaran

Kalinga Deshapriya

Nse Asuquo

Forest Christenson

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