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Revolutionary Greetings

OT: Mit revolutionären Grüßen

Viktor Apfelbacher // Germany, 2013
Documentary Feature // FF2013



In 1987, Frankfurt librarian Elisabeth Zilz moved to Nicaragua to help the drive towards literacy. With her Bertolt Brecht book bus, she drove untiringly through the poorest parts of the country to teach people in the villages and prisons to read. The German’s rolling library became a success story and the film shows the people for whom Elizabeth Zilz was on the road and whose lives were changed forever. This portrait of the work of Elisabeth Zilz shows impressively how books as a basis for education can make an effective contribution to overcoming social misery. Screening on 02.10. in attendance of: Viktor Apfelbacher (Director), Jonas Newianda (Screenplay + Producer), André Schäfer (Producer)



Mit revolutionären Grüßen

Documentary Feature





52 min

OV with German subtitles

Viktor Apfelbacher

Viktor Apfelbacher, Jonas Niewianda

Jonas Niewianda

Christian Trieloff

Matthias Scharfi

Marcel Walter

Pablo Ben Yakov

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