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OT: Mirai no Mirai

Mamoru Hosoda // Japan, 2018
Animation // FF2018
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ANIMATION A four-year old escapes into a world of fantasy. Playful, visually impressive anime. Kun is a happy four-year old – up until the moment his sister is born. Suddenly, the world revolves around Mirai. Then one day Kun opens a door to a magical world, where past, present and future merge. Here, he not only meets younger versions of his parents, but also his sister as a teenager. Sparkling with imagination, Mirai is a jewel of the anime genre in the finest Japanese tradition, visually stunning and with a story told completely from a child’s perspective.


MAMORU HOSODA (*1967) began his career as an animator for TV series like Digimon and One Piece. Today, he is one of Japan's best-known animated film-makers, Mirai is his seventh full-length feature.



Mirai no Mirai



Asia Express//FF2018



98 min

OV with German subtitles

Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda

Moka Kamishiraishi, Haru Kuroki, Gen Hoshino, Kumiko Aso

Yuichiro Saito/Takuya Ito, Yuichi Adachi, Genki Kawamura

Hiroyuki Aoyama, Ayako Hata

Shigeru Nishiyama

Masakatsu Takagi

Takashi Omori, Yohei Takamatsu (Art Directors)

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Studio Chizu

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