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My Aunt in Sarajevo

OT: Min faster i Sarajevo

Goran Kapetanovic // Sweden, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2016



Since fleeing the war in the Balkans twenty years ago, Zlatan has notbeen back to Bosnia. The only connection to his past is an aged aunt in Sarajevo,to whom he regularly sends money. Even if Zlatan doesn’t want to hear about it,his daughter is determined to visit his old home with him. She wants to see forherself what he never talks about. When Zlatan finally gives in, the pair setoff on a journey which has a number of emotional and strange meetings in store and some old unsettled scores. The supporting film is Refugee 532.


Goran Kapetanovic (*1974) comes from Sarajevo and has lived since 1992 in Sweden. After studying film direction at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, he made several commercials and numerous award-winning shorts. My Aunt in Sarajevo is his debut feature.


Min faster i Sarajevo

Fiction Feature

Bosnian, Swedish




61 min

OV with English subtitles

Goran Kapetanovic

China Åhlander, Goran Kapetanovic

Milan Dragisić, Julia Ragnarsson, Sadžida Setć, Irena Mulamuhić, Izudin Bajrović

China Åhlander

Ita Zbroniec-Zajt

Andreas Nilsson

Peter von Poehl

Lene Willumsen

Chinema FIlm Sweden

Chinema Film Sweden

China Åhlander, Swedish Film Institute:china@anagramproduktion.se

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