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OT: MGP Missionen

Martin Miehe-Renard // Denmark, 2013
TV Series // FF2014
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When Karl has to move to Copenhagen with his mother, he at first feels completely out of place. Luckily, at his new school he makes friends with Sawsan, a classmate of Turkish origin, who shows him around town. But Sawsan, who seems so cool, has her own problems. She wants to perform a song she’s written in a talent show on TV, but her traditionalist father is strictly against the idea. The two friends have to come up with a plan to get Sawsan on stage. In the best tradition of Scandinavian children’s films, The Secret Mission tells of how shared passions can overcome prejudice and cultural differences.



MGP Missionen

TV Series

Danish, Turkish




100 min

German overvoice

Martin Miehe-Renard

Gitte Løkkgaard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Hans Hansen

Sylvester Byder, Malika Sia Graff, Line Kruse, Ali Kazim, Natalí Vallespir Sand

Marcella L. Dichmann, Henrik Møller-Sørensen

Lars Reinholdt

David Rue

Frans Bak, Keld Haaning Ibsen


ASA Film Production A/S

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