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Mister Twister Goes Camping

OT: Mees Kees op kamp

Barbara Bredero // Netherlands, 2013
TV Series // FF2014
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A week’s camping! Tobias’ class can’t wait to get to the seaside. Unfortunately, 4B and their young student teacher Kees have’t taken the malevolent head Mrs Dreus into account. Not only has she decided to accompany them on the trip, but she’s also put together such a tight schedule that there’ll be no time for the beach. But on the first day she suffers a bad attack of lumbago and now all the responsibility is in the hands of Mr. Kees… Mister Twister is back! With buckets of wit and charm, the second part of the popular series of Dutch children’s book leads on from the events of the first, which was chosen to open the Michel section of FILMFEST HAMBURG n 2013.



Mees Kees op kamp

TV Series





78 min

German overvoice

Barbara Bredero

Tijs van Marle

Willem Voogd, Felix Osinga, Sanne Wallis de Vries, CasJansen, Hannah Hoekstra

Paul Voorthuyse

Coen Stroeve

Michiel Reichwein

Herman Witkam

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