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OT: Me az she Halachta

Mohammad Bakri // Israel, 2005
Documentary Feature // FF2006



Can art change the course of history? Are documentaries capable of showing reality as it is? Will films change the world? In the case of Israeli/Arab actor/director Mohammad Bakri, a film can change one person’s life. How, is told in his complex documentary. Complex may be too understated a word; after all, two family members were involved in terror attacks. Bakri struggles to find his own stand.



Me az she Halachta

Documentary Feature

Hebrew, Arabic

Agenda 06//FF2006



60 min


Mohammad Bakri

Mohammad Bakri

Mohammad Bakri, Avi Kleinberger

Faycal Hassairi

Gabi Shihor

Amir Shahser, Habid Shhadah

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