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Town in a Lake

OT: Matangtubig

Jet Leyco // Philippines, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Matangtubig is a sleepy little village where everybody knows everybody else. At least that’s what everybody thought, until two teenage girls disappear and one of them is then found dead. Suddenly, the sense of community starts to crumble – is the guy next door maybe the murderer? Reporters sniffing for scandals and local politicians playing the matter down don’t make the situation any easier – especially for the only witness. A darkness is seeping into the village from the edge of the woods. Jet Leyco interweaves criticism of politics and media with elements of magical realism to make a hypnotic, oppressive genre hybrid that only South-East Asia can produce.


JET LEYCO (*1987) began his career as an intern on productions by Khavn de la Cruz and Lav Diaz before studying film in Manila. Today he works as a director, editor and cameraperson. Town in a Lake is his third feature.




Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2017



84 min

OV with English subtitles

Jet Leyco

Brian Gonzales

Amante Pulido, Lance Raymundo, Sheilbert Manuel, Dan Jarden De Guzman, Cherry Malvar, Joel Saracho, Mailes Kanapi, Dylan Ray Talon

Fernando Ortigas, EA Rocha, Vincent Nebrida

Tristan Salas

Brian Gonzales

Bryan Dumaguina

Marielle Hizon

TBA/Tuko Film Productions

TBA/Tuko Film Productions

Phyllis Grande, TBA/Tuko Film Productions: phyllis.grae.grande@gmail.com

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