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OT: Marita

Cristi Iftime // Romania, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Costi is planning to spend a few days with his family in a mountain hut. On the spur of the moment, he persuades his father Sandu, who has long lived in separation from Costi’s mother, to join them. In their aged car, once lovingly christened Mariţa, father and son set out on the journey from Transylvania to Moldova. Old memories are reawakened and a new closeness develops. When the two men finally arrive, Sandu manages to entertain the family with colourful, funny anecdotes for an evening – but can he heal the deeper wounds? Mariţa is a warm-hearted comedy about the real meaning of family.


CRISTI IFTIME (*1979) is a graduate of the UNATC film school in Bucharest and won international recognition with his shorts 15 July (2011) and The Camp in Răzoare (2012). Mariţa is his debut feature.




Fiction Feature





100 min

OV with English subtitles

Cristi Iftime

Anca Buja, Cristi Iftime

Alexandru Potocean, Adrian Titieni, Lucian Iftime, Lorena Zabrautanu, Nicoleta Hâncu, Dan Chiorean, Victoria Cocias, Andrei Hutuleac, Bogdan Dumitrache, Ana Ciontea, Ana Popescu, Timon Nanau

Ada Solomon, Radu Stancu

Luchian Ciobanu

Dragoș Apetri

Mălina Ionescu, Alexandra Alma Ungureanu

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Hi Film Productions, deFilm

Ilinca Belciu, Hi Film: ilinca@hifilm.ro

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