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A Perfect Match

OT: Man zkt vrouw

Miel Van Hoogenbemt // Belgium, Netherlands, 2007
Fiction Feature // FF2007
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A classic grumpy old man, the protagonist of this film, is tired of living alone. A search on the Internet for a suitable woman soon turns into a casting show of considerable proportions. He cannot decide between the numerous contenders, but when his new Roumanian housemaid enters the scene, 40 years his younger and clueless in the face of housework, the retired principal falls deeply in love.



Man zkt vrouw

Fiction Feature

Dutch, Romanian

Agenda 07//FF2007

Belgium, Netherlands


107 min


Miel Van Hoogenbemt

Pierre De Clercq, Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

Jan Decleir, Maria Popistasu, Wim Opbrouck

Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

Frank vanden Eeden

Ludo Troch


Johan Van Essche

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