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OT: Makongo

Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino // Central African Republic, Italy, Argentina, 2020
Documentary Feature // FF2020



DOCUMENTARY Everyone should have the right to go to school! Two young Aka pygmies in Central Africa fight against the discrimination of their community and for the right to an education. Aka pygmies in the Central African Republic live in extreme poverty and inhabit ramshackle dwellings on the edge of society. Albert and André were the last in their village able to attend school. They want to sell makongo – grubs – in order to enable other children to go to school. Carrying their harvest, the two teenagers make the arduous journey to the capital Bangui – and have to assert themselves in an atmosphere of stigmatisation and exclusion.


ELVIS SABIN NGAÏBINO (*1985) works as a geologist in central Africa and is a co-founder of the Académie du Cinéma Centrafricain. Makongo is his first full-length documentary and won an award at the Festival Cinéma du Réel in Paris.




Documentary Feature

Sango, Pygmy, French


Central African Republic, Italy, Argentina


72 min

OV with English subtitles

Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino

Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino

Daniele Incalcaterra

Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino

Rafiki Albert Fariala, Anicet Kossi Zambaki

Valentina Cicogna

Daniele Incalcaterra Producciòn

Daniele Incalcaterra, Makongo Films: danieleincalcaterra@gmail.com

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