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OT: Machssomim

Yoav Shamir // Israel, 2003
Documentary Feature // FF2015
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“Terrorists don’t use border crossings!” – “It’s your own fault!” An everyday dialogue at a checkpoint between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. Long queues form at border crossings. The checks are rigorous, often exaggerated. A family is separated because the soldiers don’t see why the father also has to be present at a medical examination. An ambulance is stopped and every passenger asked what exact treatment they need. And every schoolchild has to get off their bus, even though they cross the border on a daily basis. Some of the Israeli soldiers exploit the power they have, others are visibly uncomfortable with it. Checkpoint moves from humiliation to duty, protection and harassment and is a searing portrait of an absurd transit practice that is still in place today.


The documentary films of Yoav Shamir (*1970) look critically at Israeli politics. Checkpoint has won numerous awards, including Best Film at the Hot Doc Festival in Toronto and at the IDFA in Amsterdam.



Documentary Feature

Arabic, English, Hebrew

Israel Deluxe//FF2015



80 min

OV with English subtitles

Yoav Shamir

Amit Breuer, Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky

Yoav Shamir

Era Lapid

Amythos Films; Eden Productions

Amit Breuer, Amythos Media: info@amythosmedia.com

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