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Looking for North Koreans

OT: Looking for North Koreans

Jéro Yun // France, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013



For 60 years, the propaganda machinery on the Korean peninsula has been going full pelt. Confused by the distorted pictures offered by both sides, Jero Yun attempts to meet real, live North Koreans so as to be able to compare the prejudices of the South with reality. No easy task, as those Northerners who manage to leave the country mostly end up in the demimonde of the Chinese-North Korean border towns. If they’re discovered, deportation back to the realm of Kim Jung-un threatens. An oppressive film essay about invisible exiles.



Looking for North Koreans

Documentary Feature

French, Korean

Asia Express//FF2013



60 min

OV with English subtitles

Jéro Yun

Jéro Yun

Jéro Yun

Virginie Véricourt

Mathieu Regnault

La Luna Productions

Zorba Production

Sponsors and Partners