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Love Life of a Gentle Coward

OT: Ljubavni Zivot Domobrana

Pavo Marinkovic // Croatia, 2009
Fiction Feature // FF2010



Life may be good for others, but the only milk and honey in Saša’s life is in his father’s special recipe for lamb. Saša is an unexceptional guy. He wants to write novels, but he’s a Zagreb food critic. Divorced, he can only see his son occasionally. His most frequent phone caller is his mother. Then he meets Ines, his exact opposite: assertive, capable, beautiful. A sports center registrationclerk, trainer and masseuse, her life isn’t perfect either. For her, Saša attempts to transcend his limits, to stand up against the chicanery and duplicity around him.


Pavo Marinkovic (*1967)studied at the Academy of Dramatic Artin Zagreb. He was an successful authorfor theatre and scripts. This is his featurefilm debut.



Ljubavni Zivot Domobrana

Fiction Feature


Agenda 10//FF2010



89 min


Pavo Marinkovic

Pavo Marinkovic

Nenad Cvetko, Dijana Vidušin, Siniša Popovic, Jan Budar

Jozo Patljak

Vedran Šamanovic

Dubravko Slunjski

Hrvoje Crnic Boxer

Velimir Domitrovic

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