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Life, Animated

OT: Life, Animated

Roger Ross Williams // USA, France, 2016
Documentary Feature // FF2016
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Documentary When Owen Suskind was three years old, his parents noticed there was something not quite right about him. The doctors diagnosed autism. The chances weren’t good that Owen would ever leave his inner isolation and be able to communicate with other people. But then something unexpected happened: by chance. the parents discovered that the boy had a great affinity for animated Disney films. The characters and the language of the colourful fantasy worlds opened a doorway for Owen – and helped him develop in a way no-one had imagined. The film is based on the eponymous book by Owen’s father Ron Suskind and uses archive footage and animation sequences to show the miraculous road Owen took to become a confident, independent adult. A touching homage to human endeavour and the power of cinema.


RogerRoss Williams (*1973) won an Oscar® in 2010 for Best Documentary Short for Music by Prudence. In 2013, he made hisfirst full-length film in the form of the documentary God Loves Uganda which investigated the connection between Christian proselytization and homophobia in Uganda.



Life, Animated

Documentary Feature



USA, France


89 min

OV with German subtitles

Roger Ross Williams

Ron Suskind

Jonathan Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried, Owen Suskind, Ron Suskind

Roger Ross Williams, Julie Goldman

Thomas Bergmann

David Teague

Dylan Stark, Todd Griffin

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