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Belleville Rendez-Vous

OT: Les triplettes de Belleville

Sylvain Chomet // France, Canada, Belgium, 2002
Animation // FF2003



“Les triplettes de Belleville” is the first fulllength feature film by French caricaturist, Sylvain Chomet. Champion, a lonely orphan who lives with his grandma, Mme Souza, has only two pleasures in life: a puppy called Bruno and his tricycle. He grows up to be a racing cyclist, then gets kidnapped by the French mafia during the Tour de France, with Mme Souza and Bruno in pursuit. They are assisted by the Belleville Triplettes, a singing combo of three old ladies reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters.



Les triplettes de Belleville


no dialogue

Offizielles Programm//FF2003

France, Canada, Belgium


82 min


Sylvain Chomet

Sylvain Chomet

Jean-Claude Donda, Michel Robin, Monica Viegas

Didier Brunner, Paul Cadieux

Chantal Colibert Brunner

Benoît Charest

Evgeni Tomov

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