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The Seeds We Sow

OT: Les Graines que l’on sème

Nathan Nicholovitch // France, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020



Faces full of sadness, faces full of anger. A very topical political drama. “Macron demission” – “Macron, resign”. Two words that change the world. Chiara sprays them at her school. A protest by a young woman against the president of her country. No more, no less. Yet a few hours later Chiara is dead in a police cell. A family, a class of children, a school and a nation are traumatised. Is this the reaction of a democracy to criticism? Nathan Nicholovitch’s film is based on real cases and focusses on the aftermath. In the conversations of bereaved relatives and friends, he sensitively observes how things start to change – from incomprehension to anger.


NATHAN NICHOLOVITCH (*1976) studied applied arts and art history and in 1999 founded the Paris film collective »Les Films aux dos tournés«. The Seeds We Sow is his third full-length film. It was made in collaboration with schoolchildren at a secondary school in Ivry-sur-Seine.



Les Graines que l’on sème

Fiction Feature





77 min

OV with English subtitles

Nathan Nicholovitch

Nathan Nicholovitch in collaboration with the students of the 1ère L class from Romain Rolland Highschool, Marie Clément, Clo Mercier

Ghaïs Bertout-Ourabah, Clémentine Billy, Marie Clément, David D’ingéo, Kamla Errounane, Yhadira Fabat-Delis, Alicia Fleury, Maëlys Gomez, Luna Lafaye, Célia Lazla, Chloé Lemeur

Eurydice Calméjane, Nathan Nicholovitch

Florent Astolfi

Graciela Barrault, Jean Jouvet

Gilles Volta


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