Les Dents de la Nuit • FILMFEST HAMBURG

The Vampire Party

OT: Les Dents de la Nuit

Stephen Cafiero, Vincent Lobelle // Luxembourg, Belgium, France, 2008
Fiction Feature // FF2008
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A magnificent castle outside of Paris, an exclusive party, handpicked guests. A location to die for! This last is meant quite seriously by the party’s organizers – much to the horror of the guests and gatecrashers, who are the intended buffet of VIP vampires. Stephen Cafiero and Vicent Lobelle have created an amusing parody of Polanski’s “Dance of the Vampires” in the tradition of spoof movies such as “Scary Movie”. Starring Tcheky Karyo, Stephane Freiss and Stefan Schneider.



Les Dents de la Nuit

Fiction Feature



Luxembourg, Belgium, France


89 min


Stephen Cafiero, Vincent Lobelle

Jean-Patrick Benes, Stephen Cafiero

Tcheky Karyo, Stephane Freiss, Stefan Schneider

Thierry De Ganay, David Gauquie, Walid Ben Youssef

Olivier Cocaul

Stéphane Pereira

Christina Schaffer

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