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Love at First Fight

OT: Les Combattants

Thomas Cailley // France, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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It looks like Arnaud is going to have a peaceful summer: hanging out with his mates and working in the family firm. Then he meets Madeleine, a young woman, beautiful and hard as nails, a concrete block of tense muscles and prophecies of doom. Arnaud has no great expectations of life, Madeleine is preparing herself for the Day of Judgement. He takes things easy, she fights, runs, swims and pushes herself to the limit. Arnaud is overwhelmed and enraptured by this human tornado – and agrees to a two-week boot camp. Love at First Fight is a love story. Or a story of survival. Or both.




Les Combattants

Fiction Feature





98 min

OV with German subtitles

Thomas Cailley

Thomas Cailley, Claude Le Pape

Adele Haenel, Kevin Azais, Antoine Laurent, Brigitte Rouan, William Lebghil

Pierre Guyard

David Cailley

Lilian Corbeille

Lionel Flairs, Benoit Rault, Philippe Deshaies;

Paul Chapelle

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Nord-Ouest Films

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